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Wedding flowers colours and bouquets colours

8 Tips Wedding flowers colours

8 Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers colours and bouquets colours

8 Tips for choosing your wedding florals

8 Tips Wedding flowers colours 1
8 Tips Wedding flowers colours 2
Brismaids Wedding Flowers
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Here are a few helpful tips to make your wedding day with wedding flowers extra special

Congratulations so you are newly engaged and are thinking of your wedding florals  – from Fiona at Fleurweddings and Wedding Photographer Ireland – DKPHOTO 

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Wedding Flowers colours
  1. It’s a good idea to start with your favourite colours that reflect your personality or wedding flowers that have a significance or a personal meaning to you that could be included in your wedding bouquet.
  2. We suggest you also use your bridesmaid’s dresses as a starting guide and work from there with wedding flowers.
  3. A good idea is to have the bridesmaid’s bouquet (s) with matching or very similar colours, textures and flowers as your wedding bouquet. This helps add cohesion to your wedding photos and brings a real visual impact to your ceremony.
  4. We recommend the use of silk ribbon on your wedding bridal bouquet. It flows beautifully, photographs amazingly and can be kept as a lovely keepsake.
    Ribbon Streamers are also a fun way of adding colour and joy to Bridesmaids or flower girls bouquets.
  5. Movement is really important in wedding bouquets, ask your florist to incorporate grasses, seed heads and delicate filler flowers. These add texture and interest to your bouquets and will billow a little as you walk and so natural in your wedding videos.
  6. The biggest tip I can suggest is to use the best blooms you can buy; Garden roses have a deep rosette cup of petals and photograph beautifully as do Ranunculus and Dahlia.
  7. Think of adding reception florals. This is where, as a newly married couple, you will spend most of the time with your guests. Perhaps repurposing a statement ceremony backdrop to enhance your wedding cake, or as a photoshoot backdrop with guests. Not only does this help reduce cost but also adds a sense of design flow to your wedding day.
  8. Add height and drama to the reception room by adding tall geometric stands of florals on alternate tables.

 Wedding flowers colours and bouquets colours

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Wedding Flowers choice and wedding colour palettes for the seasons:

  • Spring: Our favourites in season are delicate anemones and Ranunculus, mixed with garden roses and textures of greenery. I think of soft pastels this time of year. All white bouquets feature heavily too or in late spring deep berry and lime.
  • Summer: Early summer we love the romantic blousy peony and garden roses. Scented sweet peas and Ammi.
  • Mid-summer: Dahlias are very on-trend and in the season to incorporate into your bouquets and floral installations. Don’t be afraid to colour clash, Hot pink with red is an amazing combination. Dahlias photograph exceptionally well and come in such an array of colours.
  • Autumn: Subtle Autumn colour of soft rusts, toffee roses and mellow yellows. Dried flowers can be incorporated here also.
    Our favourite Bouquet colour combo is deep burgundy and soft peach. So rich and decadent.
    Add fruit and candles to your reception tables to continue the theme.
  • Winter: Opulent rich deep burgundy or reds with blue viburnum berries and thistle is a beautiful combination, or perhaps a mix of soft winter whites and blush with a hint of rose gold or Champagne leaf foliage.

Another thing to consider is your budget and don’t leave it to late to book your florist.
A creative skilled wedding florist will often be booked 18 months in Advance and each wedding usually takes three days to Condition, prepare and create your wedding florals.

from Fiona at Fleurweddings


Few more tips from

Wedding Flowers by Josephine

As we already know wedding flowers add those all-important finishing touches to both the bride and grooms wedding attire and the right colour pallet of flowers will help pull the colour of the whole wedding together.

When choosing the right flowers consider the colour scheme of the bride’s gown, the groom’s suit, and the bridesmaids dresses, along with the shape and style of your wedding dress.

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8 Tips Wedding flowers colours 7
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Bridesmaids wedding flowers

White flowers may not compliment an off-white dress however, blush pinks or champagne may pair perfectly.

If your wedding dress is not traditional and has a print or colour, then perhaps choose a simple, plain, floral style and colour.

This is something we at Wedding Flowers By Josephine are happy to do some research with you before you choose your flowers for your special day.

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers:

Colour themes and seasonality often play a big part in the decision-making. But just as wedding styles change every year floral trends are always developing to keep on-trend with new styles

If you’re planning a wedding with lots of personal touches like Wearing Mom’s veil.

Serving the cocktail you had the night he proposed. Perhaps think about personalising your flowers too. But instead of basing your choices on colour alone, why not let the blooms historic meanings inform your decision, as well.

The “language” of flowers is actually a thing and has been for centuries. During Victorian times, for example, flowers were used to express emotions when words and gestures failed.

Today, many couples follow this romantic practice and create the bridal florals and the centrepieces with flowers whose meanings have some significance to them.

While flowers with a love connection, like Roses, are very popular, there are many other meaningful traits like new beginnings (daffodil), faith (iris), and perseverance (hydrangea) to consider.

While most flowers have good vibes and positive sentiments, colour also plays a substantial role in a flower’s meaning:

the Rose has different meanings depending on the hue:

  • While a red rose symbolizes passion
  • a white rose means purity
  • and a pink one signifies joy and admiration
  • The same goes for hyacinths: The white variety means loveliness
  • the blue kind represents constancy

Wedding Flowers by Josephine:

Wedding flower colours and bouquet colours by DK PHOTOGRAPHY – Wedding Photographer Ireland 

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Wedding flowers colours

Wedding flowers, church flowers and wedding bouquets colours and ideas:

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8 Tips Wedding flowers colours 65
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