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Wedding Maryborough Hotel

Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryborough Hotel

Rob and Alison’s Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryborough Hotel

10 Exquisitely Poignant Moments I’ll Never Forget

Having photographed so many weddings, there are some that stand out for the grandness, the scale, the party, the dress. And then there are those weddings that stay cosily wrapped in a haze of nostalgia for years as I fondly look back on the incredibly personal family moments I was privileged to witness. Rob and Alison’s wedding was one of these weddings.

Set at the delightful Maryborough Hotel, Rob and Alison’s wedding had so many wonderful moments it’s taken quite an effort to limit them to 10.

1: The Setting -at Maryborough Hotel

Maryborough Hotel is a boutique hotel set in eighteen acres of lush gardens and woodlands established over 300 years ago. When you drive into the property, it’s easy to forget that you are only minutes from Cork city centre as you step back in time with this Georgian Manor House. With original architecture and tasteful finishes, the Maryborough Hotel exudes stately luxury where old-world opulence oozes from every room.

With a range of wedding and reception options available to couples, the Maryborough Hotel is a beautiful setting for your special day.

Maryborough Hotel Wedding Ceremony

2: The History

The family house setting of the Maryborough Hotel was the perfect setting for Rob and Alison’s magical wedding, in which their family watched on as Mom and Dad tied the knot. There were so many amazing and joyful moments in this wedding where the family’s history and obviously love for each other shone through. Beautiful photographs of tender moments between parents, grandparents and friends stand out for me. Here are some of my favourite moments in which the history of Maryborough Hotel provided the perfect backdrop to this beautiful wedding:

  • The dress being carried up a grand staircase that must have witnessed many such moments in the past.
  • A starry-eyed little girl, draped over a Georgian settee, watching the bride fasten pearls to her ears.
  • Private, magically romantic moments between the happy couple surrounded by an ancient forest.

3: The Groom

Rob certainly fulfilled the role of the “handsome lord of the house”. Debonair in a striking blue suit, crisp white shirt and tie finished with cuff links and a pocket handkerchief, his formal attire was complemented by the style of Maryborough Hotel.

Rob and his groomsmen enjoyed a sumptuous suite to get ready for the wedding, with much laughter and memories shared between the friends.

Wedding ceremony Maryborough Hotel

4: The Bride

Alison’s name means ‘dream’ or ‘vision’ and I couldn’t think of a better description of her on her wedding day. With a full skirted, beaded bodice wedding gown and a long train that seemed to float behind her, Alison was the fairy tale bride every little girl dreams of.

As a wedding photographer, she was the perfect subject, elegant, sweet, kind to everyone at the party and immersed in the wonder and joy of her special day.

Bride Maryborough Hotel Cork

5: The Page Boy

It is a little unfair to call this little chap a “boy” as apart from crawling, he wouldn’t have got anywhere on his own steam. Although too little to talk yet, Rob and Alison’s little lad was one of the most excited guests at the wedding. Wreathed in smiles and eyes sparkling, this page boy infused the day with unfettered joy. Keeping dad, Rob entertained while he waited for his bride at the altar, their little page boy is one of the reasons I will remember this wedding for years to come.

Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryborough Hotel 1

6: The Flower Girl

Rob and Alison’s little girl took her role as a flower girl very seriously. She walked down the aisle in the exquisite Maryborough Hotel Conservatory, surrounded by lush gardens, delighted to be the centre of attention, tossing petals as she went. This incredibly personal and intimate wedding would not have been nearly as nostalgic without the presence of this delightful little girl.

Flower girl Wedding ceremony Maryborough Hotel

7: The Wedding Party

At every wedding, I photograph the family dynamics can be a lottery. Another reason Rob and Alison’s wedding was such a delight to photograph was the absolute love that shone through in each family relationship.

From the happy tears of Alison’s Father, gently wiped away by his granddaughter, to the joyful shrieks of children running in the gardens, the people who made up the wedding party cast a happy glow over the proceedings.

Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryborough Hotel 2

8: The Wedding Ceremony – at Maryborough Hotel

The ceremony of Rob and Alison’s wedding was set in the Maryborough Hotel Conservatory surrounded by lush gardens. Flowering hydrangeas, ferns and rolling lawns provided a serene backdrop to a beautifully personal ceremony with the couple smiling and laughing and both children included in delightfully personal gestures.

Wedding ceremony Maryborough Hotel

9: The Photographs

As a wedding photographer, something I always truly appreciate is a private setting for photographs, and the Maryborough Hotel offered Rob and Alison just that. Nestled in the deep green magic of the ancient forests on the 18-acre property, Maryborough Hill. Rob and Alison finally had a few quiet romantic moments to reflect on their magical day. A few very special photographs I must mention from this wedding include:

  • Alison’s gorgeous snow-white dress against the deep green of the forest.
  • Rob and Alison’s daughter skipping with a friend over the rolling sunlit lawns.
  • Alison lifting her smiling sun beneath a canopy of white flowers in the Orangery.

10: The Reception

Finally, Rob and Alison’s reception was set in the Maryborough Hotel Orangery, which has a canopy of white wisteria flowers and, when lit by hundreds of candles from the guests’ tables, is one of the most magical rooms I’ve been in.

The perfect end to a perfect day, Rob and Alison’s reception was a celebration of love, family and a very bright future.
To see the gallery of photographs from Rob and Alison’s wedding be sure to follow this link.


Fairy Tale Wedding at Maryborough Hotel 3
  • Music Ceremony by super talented Jason Fahy:

  • Makeup:

Makeup by Andrea –

  • Hair:

Dawn at Hairy fairy hair salon-hair –

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