When a professional wedding photographer plans his own wedding what can go wrong?


When a Wedding Photographer becomes the Groom!

Biggest tips :)

Do Your Own Thing!

Be Yourself –  do not copy everyone else!

Do not chase photographs that you see on Pinterest – Relax and enjoy your wedding day! The
photographs will come.







What can go wrong ?   EVERYTHING?! :)

We started planning our wedding two years ago. As I have so much experience at weddings
as a professional wedding photographer, I felt that I would have a huge head start when it
came to the wedding planning!


Wedding Planning Priorities!

We started off with what I consider to be the most important part for every wedding day
couple – Booking a professional photographer and video team. We had a great
photographer and videographer so now we have amazing photos and a gorgeous clip to look
back on.
When it’s all over having those precious memories captured means so much. Now, as a
married man, I fully understand how valuable those photographs are now, even more so
than I did before.


First look with my two Girls :)


First look wedding First look wedding First look wedding

What Really Matters

We then booked our venue and spoke to the priest. After that, we took it one thing at a time
and we had LOADS of ideas about how to spend that day. But after seeing so many
weddings through my work and after buying a house, we recognized that all that really
matters is the people, food, and music. With great happy people around you on your
wedding day, with fab food and drinks and great music, you can be sure that your wedding
day will be fantastic!
We made so many compromises and resigned from a few ideas just to have time to talk to
our guests –

Having a fantastic DJ or Band  was really important to us as we wanted to keep everyone dancing and
partying until the morning!
All our guests were so happy with how the wedding turned out and that for us was the best

Our DJ – Super talented: The Jegomosc

Wedding DJ Ireland

The early ceremony is a key!

and to escape for a few photos! We would highly recommend focusing your day
around what really matters – Your Family and Friends. Less is more!


Lawn Games wedding Lawn games wedding

The Wedding Ceremony


A huge recommendation we would offer to future bride and grooms is to memorize your
wedding vows!

Our wedding ceremony was very emotional. We had beautiful gospel music and we included
some of our family members in the ceremony through readings and prayers. It was our
moment and it was very special.
A huge recommendation we would offer to future bride and grooms is to memorize your
wedding vows. I did it myself with my partner in crime :) In doing so, you can look at each
other (not at priest or celebrant! ��) which makes for beautiful photos!
Remember, you always have a backup, as your partner will have to memorize the vows as

Forgotten Sparklers!

We didn’t manage to do everything that we wanted to do on our wedding day. For example,
we forgot about the sparklers that we had bought especially for some fun with our guests
and for some nice photos.
We had so much fun dancing and spending time with our guests that we simply forgot about
the sparklers! But believe me, we didn’t care! ��


Happy Guests

Our wedding venue served lovely food so no-one was left hungry!
We hired a professional barman who served lovely drinks and cocktails to our guests. He did
a great show late in the evening which entertained everyone. We got some great photos of


Barman wedding show Barman wedding show


Things Will Go Wrong!

Be prepared that something will go wrong. Guaranteed!


Something will break or be forgotten or get lost! No matter how well you plan there is
always an unforeseen problem – but things happen. Don’t let minor set-backs upset you.
Just relax and enjoy the day :)


Rise and Shine

I would recommend starting your preparations early on your wedding day so that you can
enjoy the time before the ceremony with your family and friends. Everything happens so
fast on the day. It’s a cliché but I have learned that to be true.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


Before you know it your wedding day, that you have spent so much time planning, is over in
the blink of an eye! Enjoy every single moment!


Do Your Own Thing!

Be Yourself – do not copy everyone else!



We didn’t look at photos from other photographers that were taken at our venue
as we know that each wedding day is so unique!

There is no point trying to recreate someone else’s wedding day photographs from Pinterest! I highly recommend creating your own on your day and as they happen naturally.



Some photos – just before sunset:




Our First Dance  :)

:) :) :) :) :) :) 



Let It Rain!

We didn’t worry about the weather as we couldn’t control it. Neither can you!

No Road Trips and early ceremony!

We wanted our church and hotel to be close to each other to save our guests from long
driving times and so that we could have a much longer drinks reception.

What I Learnt!

So many people keep asking me:

“How was it to be on the other side of the camera?”
“What did you learn from your experience as the groom?”
“What would you do differently now?”


  • First and foremost, I think the biggest tip I have for everyone that plans a wedding –
    Hire professionals that you are 100 % happy and confident with. People that you can
    100% trust will do a brilliant job!
  • Costly savings – A cheap wedding photographer, videographer or band can leave you
    very unhappy after the wedding. When you collect your photos and videos after the
    wedding, that is really all you have left after your big day, aside from your memories.
    And your memories can be ruined by a poor photo/video team/band on the day as
  • Your wedding day is not a photoshoot! – To maximize your time on your wedding day
    I strongly advise you to only take the most important family photos – the list is
    here:  Family Photos on wedding day
    and then enjoy your wedding day as it’s a very short day!
  • Your wedding day is not a photoshoot! –  I KNOW AGAIN!!! – If you have hired a
    professional photographer you can be confident that after a few minutes taking family
    photos, you can relax and enjoy the rest of your time with family and friends. Experienced
    photographer/video team can do photos/video very quickly.  They will also continue to take
    pictures of you that you are not even aware of, where you are interacting with your
    wedding guests and each other.
  • Do not chase photographs that you see on Pinterest – Relax and enjoy your wedding day! The
    photographs will come.
  • Look at the photographers/videographer’s portfolio – Don’t believe recommendations from
    Facebook groups. Do your own research to ensure that you love the style of photography
    that they deliver. What impresses someone else may not necessarily impress you!
  • I booked a wedding photographer who works on his own – I don’t think you need the
    second shooter. Having fewer people around the Bride and Groom is a better option!
  • Be Yourself – Don’t overthink the wedding as you won’t enjoy it.
  • Do not try to control everything and be everywhere. It’s impossible!
  • Small things don’t matter. No-one will notice them only you!
  • Less is more on your wedding day!
  • Your wedding day is very short – DON’T FORGET THAT!!! :)


Enjoy every minute of it!



So here are a few of my own wedding photos  by a very talented
photographer: www.lmfoto.pl

That might help to choose a photographer for Your own wedding:

How to choose wedding photographer

The very best of luck to you as you plan your own wedding day and I hope that my
experiences will help you to have the best day of your life! ��

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Venue: Zabi Dwor

Flowers/Decor: Flora Atelier

Video:  https://modernweddingvideos.pl/