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10 Reasons to have an Autumn Wedding

10 Reasons to have an Autumn Wedding

An Autumn Wedding Colour Palette

You know that time of the year when the leaves begin to change, the weather gets a little cooler, but the days are still glorious and bright? Oh yes, it can only mean one thing, autumn is here! Autumn (or fall!) weddings are what dreams are made of. The colours, the ambience, the food! It truly is a season that brings a certain creative flair to weddings and for that reason, it is a really popular time of year to get married, especially here in Ireland, where the season truly knows how to shine. If you’ve just gotten engaged and you’re not sure when you’d like to book your big day, keep on reading for inspiration, as I discuss 10 reasons to have an Autumn Wedding!

1. The Colours of Nature

Is there anything more beautiful than nature at its best? The colours of autumn never fail to make me feel inspired as a photographer and I adore shooting weddings during this season. Bright reds, vibrant oranges, rustic browns and sunset yellows create the perfect backdrop for weddings and often, are visible alongside lakes, rivers and even the sea. I mean, how gorgeous to get married amongst such surroundings! You can visualise it as you read, right!?

10 Reasons to have an Autumn Wedding 1

 2. Creative Food Choices

From mulled wine and cider to delicious pumpkin pie and tastes of cinnamon, apple and nutmeg, autumn weddings really give couples the opportunity to offer a unique dining experience. With this in mind, if you are planning on tying the knot in Autumn, don’t be afraid to experiment with the tastes of the season. It will give your guests an added air of excitement on the day and it will no doubt make the day more memorable overall, because let’s be honest – it’s often all about the food!

3. Autumnal Décor ( Autumn Theme )

Autumnal décor is one of the main draws of people to get married at this time of year. Think rustic wood signs, fairy lights, pumpkins and DIY table plans designed with leaves, twigs and other gems from nature, autumn really gives you wonderful opportunities to create a truly whimsical wedding day. At this time of year, many couples choose to embrace nature in their big day and if they’re not getting married in a fairy-tale woodland or a walled garden, they are bringing trees, wildflowers and even hay bales into their wedding ceremony. You can also embrace autumnal décor for your dinner by having your table centrepieces designed with greenery and flowers that are vibrant at this time of the year. These extra touches really do encourage a relaxed ambience and they also provide photographers like me with a magical backdrop, so for me, it is a huge plus if you’re getting married at this time of the year!

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4. The Best Natural Photography Lighting

We’ve all heard of the golden hour, right?

That magical moment of natural daylight occurs an hour or so before sunset. This is at its most beautiful in the autumn and it creates the perfect scene for wedding photographs. While the golden hour occurs year-round, in the summer it occurs too late at night and in the winter, it’s too early in the day, but in autumn, it occurs at just the right time for newlywed couples. So, whether you’re enjoying drinks on the patio, stunning light shining through sash windows, or a romantic golden hour walk with your new Mr or Mrs, this time of the day will give me the chance to capture even more magic for you.

5. Fewer Guests will be away on Holidays

Another big draw for an autumn wedding is that you can be sure that most of your invited friends and family, will be able to attend your special day. In the summer, many of your loved ones can miss out on your big day as it’s a popular holiday time. So, with getting married in autumn, you’re mostly guaranteed beautiful bright days and a nice healthy guest list!

6. No Wardrobe Headaches for Guests!

As a guest attending a wedding, is there anything more stressful than thinking about what you are going to wear!? In the summer, you like to ensure your chosen outfit will not be too hot and uncomfortable, while in the winter you need to think about additional layers. However, in autumn, the temperatures are usually just perfect, meaning that your wedding will cause less stress in the wardrobe department for your guests.

7. Bridal Party Autumn Colour Schemes

If you’re planning an autumn wedding, why not embrace the colours of the season in your choice of colour theme for your big day. Think gorgeous jewel tones for your bridesmaid dresses and embrace rustic reds, burnt oranges or deep burgundy’s. Seasonal flowers in the autumn are also exquisite and pairing them with similar tone gowns and décor will bring your entire autumnal vision to reality, in the best way possible. In Spring, you see a lot of whimsical, pastel tones and wedding palette colours so in autumn, it is truly the time to go bold and beautiful!

8. Autumn is more Atmospheric

Longer stretches in the evening, complemented by twinkling fairy lights and endless candles or lanterns will give you the most atmospheric ambience, that you never knew you needed! Play on your previously mentioned autumnal colours, use of rustic features and your delicious fall-inspired feast and bring your wedding to an even more magical level with excess fairy lighting, lanterns or candles. I’ve seen it done and it is simply gorgeous, no matter your style of venue or wedding.

9. Delicious Fall Treats

I know I’ve touched on embracing autumn with your cuisine on your big day but I feel that autumn wedding day treats also deserves their own point! Most weddings nowadays feature a sweet table or cupcake table so why not mix up your treat offering for fall and embrace some more unique yumminess for your guests. Think cheeseboards, s’mores, cookies and cider. The perfect way to bring the tasty side of the season into those peckish moments!

10. Better Deals

I saved this point until last because I wanted to talk about the beauty of autumn weddings first. However, another huge benefit of getting married in autumn is the deals you can achieve by choosing an autumn date over a peak summertime date. You might be able to secure better rates on your hotel, band, car hire etc. Weddings are expensive so these little savings cannot be underestimated. You can read more about how to budget and save money on your dream wedding day HERE:

So, there you have it, 10 reasons to have an autumn wedding! If you would like more information on Autumn weddings, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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