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The Village Country Barn Wedding

5 reasons The Village Barn could be your ideal wedding location.

Planning an Eclectic Country Wedding – The Village Barn Tyrrellpass!

I’ve talked about romance and love in many of the articles I’ve written so far. Now, while I believe that every wedding venue should have a great deal of romance today, I want to focus on an aspect of weddings that isn’t often discussed… Fun!

Every wedding is a celebration of the couple getting married, both as individuals and as a partnership. Infusing your wedding with your own personality and enjoying every possible second of the day is as important as every little detail you’ve been considering.

A wedding venue that has a particularly joyful and whimsical air to it is The Village Barn in Westmeath. If you’re the type of couple that wants a venue that truly reflects your personality, then this delightfully quirky spot could be just the place for your big day. Here are 5 reasons I think The Village Barn is a great wedding venue choice.

1: The Village Barn – The Location

Ensconced in naturally planted gardens and hidden by walls of ivy, The Village Barn is a true gem. I particularly like how guests walk through a passage of greenery with the venue hidden from view until it finally opens up to a view of the venue. Country weddings are relaxed, and have a grounded, genuine feel to them that perfectly matches the nature of many couples.
The Village Barn is the perfect venue for the quintessential country wedding.

2: The Village Barn – The Wedding Venue

Built-in the 19th century and used as a working farm barn, the current owners have artfully restored the venue and added delightful details in unexpected places. From the jeans pot plant holder (yes, literally a pair of jeans stuffed with gorgeous flowering plants), to the comfortable lounge suite and fireplace tucked into a corner of the dance floor, to the Orangery canape venue and the simply beautiful ceremony sanctuary, The Village Barn has it all.
As a photographer, I’m always delighted when wedding venues pay attention to detail because it’s these details that provide a rich story telling tapestry to the wedding day. The Village Barn’s bohemian design undercurrent is subtly woven through the venue and makes for a truly unique wedding photography experience.

3: Fun at The Village Barn Tyrrellpass

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the main reasons I like The Village Barn venue is the sense of fun at the wedding venue. Every wedding I’ve seen photographed there features the couple laughing, guests having the best party ever, and a real sense of celebration. Weddings can be stressful, with a lifetime’s worth of dreams wrapped up in the big day. The Village Barn’s relaxed country charm seems to ease tensions and infuse every guest and participant with childlike excitement.
As a photographer, having a truly happy wedding party makes all the difference when looking for wedding photographs that convey a celebration of the couple, so The Village Barn team and venue certainly help to create truly memorable wedding photographs.

4: Attention to Detail

I’ve mentioned this a few times already in this article, but I just had to give “attention to detail” its own section because it is key to permeating your wedding day with your own unique brand of romance. The Village Barn truly excels at helping couples to put their stamp on their wedding day. From pom-poms to wildflowers to paper lanterns strung across the bare wood beams of the barn, if you have it on your wedding Pinterest board, The Village Barn can help you make it happen.

5 reasons The Village Barn could be your ideal wedding location. 7

Some of the details other couples have used, which are a delightful photographic detail in their album, include:

  • A candy can striped straw with a personalised note to each guest expressing the couple’s appreciation for their attendance.
  • An old vinyl table setting board.
  • Swathes of linen with delicate wildflowers
  • Candle lit lanterns
  • From a wedding venue perspective, some of the details I think are pretty special include:
  • Rich wooden table tops offset with brightly painted table legs
  • Cosy fireplaces
  • Gorgeous stained-glass windows
  • Dream catches swaying in the garden
  • Different dining chairs that all work together
  • Walls of large cottage pane windows
  • The list just goes on and on.

5: Village Country Barn – The Team

A key feature of The Village Barn venue is its incredible team that makes wedding dreams come true. From picnic blankets to wedding games such as giant Jenga to the barman who keeps everyone laughing and relaxed, the team at The Village Barn makes an incredible impact on each and every wedding they help to organise.

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A common theme at all the weddings I’ve photographed at this gorgeous venue and several on their website is a palpable sense of joy. As a result, The Village Barn is one of my favourite wedding venues, and I think it is perfect for couples looking for an eclectic, bohemian country wedding.

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