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Rathsallagh House Wedding Venue

7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have.

7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have.

7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have. 1

One of the difficulties of choosing a wedding venue is knowing whether what you’ve read on the internet is, in fact, the truth about the venue. Well, at Rathsallagh Country House Wedding Venue just outside of Dublin, you don’t have to just rely on their word for it. Their string of wedding venue awards speaks volumes too. I’ve put together 7 aspects of this gorgeous venue from a wedding photographer’s perspective for you to consider when deciding whether Rathsallagh Country House Wedding Venue is the place for your dream wedding.

7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have. 5

1: The Venue

Having received multiple awards, including Best Wedding Venue, Historic Hotel Wedding Experience, Hotel Venue and Best Customer Service, Rathsallagh Country House certainly packs a punch. I particularly like the wide range of venue options available.
Several beautiful and historic country churches are dotted around the venue if you are looking for a religious ceremony or, if you prefer a civil ceremony of blessing, these can be arranged at Rathsallagh Country House Wedding Venue.
This beautiful wedding venue truly spoils couples for choice when it comes to locations for the ceremony, drinks, reception, and photographs. From rolling meadows to ancient trees to a gently flowing river surrounded by rushes, and even a walled garden. The outdoor wedding venue opportunities go on and on.
If the weather is inclement, there is an array of gorgeous indoor wedding venue options, some grand and others more down to earth. Whatever your taste for your wedding reception, Rathsallagh Country House Wedding Venue is a wonderful option.

7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have. 6

2: The Food

The food at Rathsallagh Country House Wedding Venue is a lovely combination of elegance and comfort and with several restaurant awards, such as Best Irish Breakfast and Best Customer Service. From sumptuous buffets to elegant plated wedding feasts, the Rathsallagh culinary team will make sure your wedding day feast is remembered for all the right reasons.

3: The Band

One of the unique features of this awesome venue is their in-house band Johnnie Be Goode, who has experience at ensuring your reception is a party everyone will remember. Celebrate your wedding in style with live music tailored to your tastes.

4: The Exclusivity

I particularly like wedding venues that offer couples the opportunity to tailor make their special day and Rathsallagh Country House certainly does that. When you book your wedding at this venue, you have the whole property to yourself and are able to craft something unique to you.
From a wedding photography perspective, this means your photographs will be as unique as your wedding is and all the little details you’ve been dreaming of can be realized.

7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have. 7

5: The Thoughtful and Unexpected

Something I find very interesting about this venue is the unexpected thoughtfulness and details that they cover. One of these details is complimentary wedding insurance. Now, like you, I always hope for a perfect day for every couple I work with, however life happens! Rathsallagh Country House wedding insurance protects you from a range of potential disasters, such as supplier non-delivery, so that you have the finances available to fix, said disasters. Imagine for a moment that the flower supplier doesn’t deliver. With wedding insurance, you can simply, and quickly, hire a new florist and still have the wedding of your dreams without worrying about the money.

These unexpected details show the incredible experience and sensitivity the Rathsallagh team have with weddings and is something I haven’t seen at many wedding venues in Ireland.
7 Reasons Rathsallagh Country House Deserves Every Wedding Venue Award They Have. 8

6: The Wedding Planning

Apart from an incredible team who manage and cater to almost every wedding whim, Rathsallagh Country House also offers couples free use of their incredibly powerful and award-winning wedding planning app Moposa. Gone are the sleepless nights and endless lists. The wedding planning app helps couples to plan every detail of their wedding.
From importing guest lists from Facebook to virtual layouts of the Rathsallagh Country House ballroom for seating arrangements to building your own wedding website, the Moposa app is a true gem and an enormous help to couples planning their wedding.

7: The Memory Moments

Now my favourite part of the wedding day… photographs! The opportunity for “memory moments” at this venue is seemingly endless. I’ve put together a few ideas based on the grounds, gardens, and buildings that I think would make epic wedding photographs.
The 18th century walled garden is this wedding photographer’s playground with exquisite, aged brick work, gnarled trees, and an array of beautiful flowering plants. This section of the venue offers seasonal delights for any wedding album.
Apple trees- This may sound like an odd aspect of the venue to be excited by, but the old apple trees that dot the Rathsallagh Country House landscape offer a profusion of white blossoms in spring and deep rich reds, oranges, and ochres in autumn.
The enormous, ancient trees at the venue are often strung with twinkling lights for the most magical evening and night photographs.
The house details from rich wood ceilings to grand fabric draped rooms, to log and turf fires that keep the entire house cosy. Rathsallagh Country House is a treasure trove of warm, joyful moments
If you’d like a tailored wedding experience, supported by an incredibly experienced wedding planning team, then Rathsallagh Country House is the wedding venue to consider.

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