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Live streaming wedding ceremony

Tips Live Streaming Wedding Ceremony

Your own Live streaming – live wedding ceremony?

How to set up your own live stream and live streaming wedding ceremony?

Few tips from Aileen – one of my clients:

“The week before the wedding we set up a private Facebook page and called it “Aileen Craig Hannon” so everyone knew it was us!

We then added all our friends and family who were originally meant to come to the wedding. Doing it a week or so before the wedding gave those who didn’t have a Facebook account time to set one up. I had rang a few of our older relatives to let them know how to do this or had someone set it up for them.
We put up a message on the page informing everyone that they would be able to join us virtually to watch our wedding ceremony. The groomsman had a phone tripod to set up the phone on the day. My brother then logged in and ‘went live’!

The main reason we decided on Facebook live was that there was no time limit on going live, on Instagram, it’s a max of 60mins. Zoom or Skype you have to accept each individual into the meeting. On Facebook, everyone can join themselves and it’s more reliable. The feedback from everyone was great they were so happy to be able to see the ceremony.
One bit of advice is to have a phone with a good camera. We used a Huawei p30 pro and the camera is fantastic on it.
As well as a mic for sound!

Hope this helps!”



  • Be sure battery is fully charged
  • Be sure that you have an external battery or charger
  • Be sure that you have small tripod for camera
  • Ask one of the wedding guests to help and check during the ceremony if it’s working

More tips:

You can buy a tripod on amazon:

Live Streaming Wedding Ceremony by DKPHOTO

Live streaming wedding ceremony

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