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Dublin City Centre Wedding

Dublin City Centre Wedding

Dublin City Centre Wedding by DKPHOTO


We had only a small ceremony planned, but we still wanted to keep the memories of The Day on pictures. From the day we came across DKPHOTO work, we knew that the pictures HAVE TO be taken by Daniel. We were mesmerised by the atmosphere created on photographs and ways the scenes were captured.
The Day blessed us with decent weather (despite the storm the night before) and we met Daniel for our photo-shoot. WE have to say that Daniel turned out to be not only a genius photographer but also people-loving personality. Watching Daniel work was a special experience and thanks to his guidance- posing was not awkward or difficult.

We knew that the pictures would be nice but considering that we did not have any fancy venues or tens of guests, we were taking into account that the pictures may not have the ‘wow’ factor we were able to see on other ‘proper wedding’ photographs.
…and then the day came when we received the link to the gallery. We started flicking through the gallery with the increased heartbeat and rosy cheeks. The emotions and smiles that welcomed our home that moment were unforgettable. We have never seen ourselves on such pictures- we could not believe this was us! The results exceeded our boldest expectations!!! The MAGIC entered our house and will stay here in a form of a printed canvas?

We cannot find the proper words to thank DKPHOTO for all the work. Also, the finishing touches (like the presentation of the USB drive) were like the cherry on top. Perfection in every aspect. Greatly appreciated.

With wishes of further awards and gazillion of satisfied clients, All the best!

PS. The receipt of the pictures served somehow as a closure to the sweet period of Newlyweds? But we are now like kids with the brand new Lego set: will we print the picture on the canvas? Or we prefer gallery of smaller format photos? Should the frames be all the same, or maybe each different? How to compose them on the wall? … And which pictures???- The fun has just begun?
Thank you again and Forever,


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Dublin City Centre Wedding

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