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Gloster House Wedding

Grand Glorious Gloster House Wedding

A Grand Glorious – Gloster House Wedding Venue

In this article, I will be sharing highlights from a recent wedding DK Photo was privileged to photograph. Set within the sweeping grounds and grand architecture of Gloster House Wedding Venue, there were many special moments to the day that I will try to capture.

Gloster House Wedding Venue by DKPHOTO

Wedding Preparation Photographs – Gloster House Wedding Venue

The pale grey stone of Gloster House, along with beautiful formal gardens and stunning architecture, became the backdrop for photographs with an unexpected star. The couple’s Alsatian provided some entertaining and deeply personal images as the family to be arrived at the venue to begin wedding preparations. This lovely pooch set the scene for one of the most detailed and personal wedding photography shoots I’ve done.

Moving into Gloster House Wedding Venue, I spent time photographing the bride’s clothing, wedding shoes, jewellery, and bouquet. With floor-to-ceiling framed windows, the images we managed to capture of the wedding gown with natural light shining through it are truly special. The bride included a beautiful locket in her bridal outfit with the picture of someone so dear to her she wanted to include him on her special day.

We left the bride and ladies for a few minutes to catch up with the groom and his party. Where the bridal preparation room was a soft confection of creams, and beiges the grooms, the preparation room provided a grand backdrop with rich fabrics, a huge fireplace, and a stately mirror in which I was able to capture several amazing reflection images.

Video by talented Kevin – Little Bear Wedding Video

On returning to the ladies, I discovered them peeking from their second-floor window at the groom and his wedding party laughing on the gravel below – an amazing photo opportunity in which the joy of the day was palpable.

When the bride was finally ready the same framed window that had so elegantly framed her dress provided the perfect setting for a series of gorgeous portraits with natural light streaming in and highlighting the careful details of her gown.

One of my favourite wedding photograph moments of the day has to be the dress revealed to her excited bridesmaids.

The expression on their faces is priceless.

Bride Gloster House

Wedding ceremony

The couple was married in a cathedral-style church with spectacular arches, stained glass windows and rich wood. I was fortunate to ride with the bride in the car with her mother and managed to capture some precious moments between the two.

Grand Glorious Gloster House Wedding 8

The aisle in the church was lined with rich wooden pews adorned with a froth of white roses and as the bridal party walked down the aisle beautifully framed by an arched doorway, friends and family stood to welcome the bride.

Another very special moment was the instant the groom turned to see his bride. The expression on his face is a moment the two will no doubt cherish.

The wedding ceremony consisted of several beautiful stages, including a poignant message from the priest, readings and prayers from special guests and hymns led by a quartet of violins.
When the couple stood to say their vows, they were framed by a backdrop of white marble statues, beautiful archways and both the bridal and groom party on either side.

One of my all-time favourite moments of the wedding ceremony was the mother in laws dance. A tradition that saw the bride and groom’s mother sharing a hug, a little twirl each and a very firm welcome to the family.
Finally, the couple left the church and their first pictures as a married couple are forever framed by ancient rough hewn grey stone with friends and family peeking over their shoulders as the couple share a kiss.

Wedding Photo Shoot Gloster House

Gloster House didn’t disappoint for the wedding photo shoot with perfectly positioned urns to frame the happy couple and wide arched doorways and flights of stone steps to accommodate larger parties.

As is my tradition, I managed to steel the couple a way for a few quiet moments as we walked the beautiful formal gardens of Gloster House with its many terraces, beautiful stonework, and ancient forests. The deep love for each other is obvious in their wedding photographs as the two were able to catch their breath for a moment.

One of the trees in the Gloster House gardens was covered in a froth of white flowers and this is, perhaps, my favourite portrait of the couple as the ancient and moss-covered boughs spread over them adorned in white.

Wedding Reception at Gloster House Wedding Venue

Gloster House truly does put on quite a spread with every detail carefully taken care of. This couple chose to have some speeches outside while their guests enjoyed a sundowner. This made for truly lovely photos of people mingling, laughing, and enjoying time together.

This couple had a few more surprises for their guests, with dinner being served in a beautiful reception room complete with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and beautiful flowers.
Once everyone had eaten, the couple gave guests sparklers to create a tunnel of glittering lights as they led the way into the final venue, where the cake cutting and a lively band were set up. Some of my favourite images from this wedding are of the couple walking through their guests as light dances around them.
This magical day ended with music, dancing and laughter as Gloster House wrapped its guests in a grand ballroom where amazing memories were made.

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