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Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs

Newbay Hotel in Wexford is the Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs

Whenever I visit a venue with a couple, I have my “photographer goggles” on as I look for perfect locations, lighting, layout and more. No matter what wedding location you choose, I can make it work from a photography perspective, but there are a few locations that are a wedding photography dream and Newbay Hotel near Wexford is one of those wedding venues.

Newbay House Wedding reviews are amazing! It’s one of the Best Wedding Venues in Wexford!

I thought I’d give you a glimpse into why I nearly popped right out of my “goggles” when I visited this very special hotel – Newbay House Hotel Wedding Venue in Wexford

 Newbay House Hotel Wedding Photographer
 Newbay House Outdoor Ceremony

1: The Setting- Newbay house history

Newbay House Hotel is a lovely combination of old-world charm and architecture with a subtle elegance that gives this stately venue a youthful vibrance. With a thoughtful combination of modern comforts as well as careful, but unfussy preservation of the hotel’s history, it presents couples with a decadent, classy, and flexible wedding venue.
From a photographer’s perspective, there are so many exquisite photograph locations any couple lucky enough to get married at the Newbay House Hotel will be spoilt for choice.

2: The Staff

You may be wondering how staff could present an opportunity for great photographs. Well, when nothing is too much trouble, setting up unique and gorgeous photo shoots becomes a great deal easier. I have done many weddings photograph shoots and the staff of the Newbay House Hotel are critical to wonderful wedding photos because they can facilitate a relaxed, happy environment which caters to exceptional wedding photos.

3: The Food

Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 1
Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 2

The food at this delightful Newbay House Hotel is not just delicious, each dish is an artwork, and as the wedding feast is such an important aspect to your wedding, having beautiful food photos to include in your wedding album is important.

Newbay House afternoon tea – recommended!

4: The Gardens

Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 3

Ancient trees, ivy, and hedges provide just some of the enchanting garden photography opportunities available at this lovely venue. There are many private moment opportunities within the gardens at Newbay House Hotel as well as sweeping lawns that cater for family and friends’ photos too.

5: The Number of Locations

One of the things I look for when I go to a Wedding venue is the number of photography locations available. Why? Because my goal is to ensure that every couple has a unique wedding album, regardless of how many other people have been married at their chosen venue like the Newbay House Hotel.

The amazing variety of wedding photo locations at Newbay Hotel makes it one of my favourite wedding photo venues.

Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 4

6: The Bridal Suite

About a third of your wedding album will consist of the “before” pictures. The bridal suite at Newbay House Hotel is an exquisite combination of old-world charm and modern convenience. With the beautiful wooden four-poster bed, bay windows which let in streams of natural light, and plenty of space, your wedding preparation photographs are guaranteed to be magical.

7: Outdoor Garden Ceremony Location – WOW!

My all-time favourite aspect of the Newbay Hotel ceremony venue is a gorgeous natural tunnel of bamboo which, in summer, casts the bridal party in soft, dreamy spring shades, and in winter (and the evenings) is a glittering spectacle with fairy lights woven through the whole structure.

 Newbay House Hotel Garden Photos
Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 5

8: The Aerial Views

One of the loveliest video and image opportunities at any wedding is an aerial view. This stunning Newbay House Hotel has gorgeous sweeping vistas that lend themselves to beautiful aerial shots. This type of photography captures many natural and beautiful moments that are so unobtrusive.

Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 6

9: The Reception Room

With a delicate Georgian-era touch, the Newbay Hotel reception and dining rooms are a study in understated elegance. As a photographer, I particularly like the huge windows that allow floods of natural light to softly illuminate this sophisticated venue.

10: The Sunsets

Newbay Hotel Perfect Wedding Location for Magical Wedding Photographs 7

Being able to capture a gorgeous sunset as part of a wedding shoot is, in fact, trickier than you might imagine. This is because landscaping and even the building can get in the way. Newbay Hotel, however, has a few locations on the property that align perfectly with the sunset.

The light and shadow a sunset presents make for the most unique wedding photographs – ones that can easily grace your walls as personal art.
Creating a wedding album tailored to your relationship requires a variety of locations at your wedding venue, along with a team of people who will help you to create the setting for your wedding photographs. New Bay Hotel has all of the key ingredients you need for a magical wedding and a delightful wedding album.

Newbay House Hotel Reviews:

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