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Huntington Castle Wedding

Huntington Castle Wedding

8 Unusually Beautiful Elements that Make Huntington Castle and Gardens the Perfect Wedding Venue.

Suppose you’ve read many of my blog posts. In that case, you will know by now that I value unique aspects of wedding venues because every couple is unique and finding a venue that resonates with that particular couple’s chemistry is very important. In this article, I’ll be featuring Huntington Castle and Gardens, a beautiful castle with sweeping grounds that are also warm, familial, and friendly. I’ve put together 8 unusual aspects to this lovely wedding venue that may echo elements of your unique personalities and romance.

1: Huntington Castle – The History

Huntington Castle was built in 1625 by Sir Laurence Esmonde after an impressive career in service to Queen Elizabeth I and King James I and after marrying Ailish O’Flaherty, the granddaughter of the Pirate Queen of Connacht, Grace O’Malley.
Originally built as a garrison to protect the Dublin-Wexford trade route along the River Derry, it wasn’t until 1680 that Huntington was renamed as such and began to evolve into the family home it is today. With formal gardens laid out in around 1687 and two other architectural changes being made, the castle has remained relatively untouched from the 1860s onwards.
The deep historical roots of this exquisite venue are pervasive in the details, architecture, gardens, and even the atmosphere. From a wedding photography perspective, the castle offers a grand backdrop with many options for epic photographs.

2: Huntington Castle – The Family

One of the aspects I like the most about Huntington Castle is the more recent history of the current Durden-Robertson family. Alexander and Clare have poured time and passion into lovingly restoring every aspect of this remarkable venue. From garden restoration to careful choices of fabrics and even ancient crafts, every detail of this wedding venue has been carefully thought through and implemented with the care that comes from taking care of your home.
This attention to detail and personal care are available to couples wanting to use the castle as a wedding venue. A bespoke wedding event is planned to your exact specifications.
It’s unusual to find a Castle Wedding Venue where the family who own it are so invested in every aspect of it and even more unusual to be able to book a private wedding at a venue of this calibre.

3: The Italian Parterre

The next three points in this article are about some of my favourite wedding photography locations: the gardens!
The garden wedding options at Huntington Castle are truly spectacular. The first one is an ancient formal garden planted in the 1600s. Complete with a fragrant rose walk, formal, structured planting, and a fountain, this area makes for the loveliest wedding photographs, with the foliage framing the bridal party.

4: The Water Gardens

Recently restored, the water gardens at Huntington Castle are a lush oasis of forestry trees and reflective water. They are the perfect spot for a relaxed wedding photo shoot or even a picnic wedding.

5: The Yew Walk

The avenue of yew trees at this unusual estate, planted over 500 years ago, provides an exquisite canopy for a garden wedding setting. The timeless beauty of these ancient trees, along with a reception and ceremony set up with your wedding party in mind, makes for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

6: The 14th Century Abbey

My absolute favourite element of this venue is the 14th-century Abbey ruins. When I say ruins, the walls, arches, stone altar, and central window are all intact, but the Abbey is open to the air. From a wedding photograph perspective, the Abbey is truly very special. The stonework, the venue layout, and the lighting all work together for the most exquisite outdoor wedding photographs.

7: The 17th Century Barn Theatre

Another gorgeous venue available at this lovely castle is the Barn Theatre. Complete with century specific details and lovely wooden accents, the barn is a delightful space for a wedding reception or drinks for guests.
I particularly like the detailing within the barn theatre for wedding photographs. The unusual but relaxed setting keeps your guests comfortable. Happy, relaxed guests make for the best photographs, which is why the atmosphere in the barn theatre is such a wedding win.

8: The Accommodation

Every room has been carefully and lovingly restored so that it feels as though you are stepping back in time. From hand-embroidered quilts to rich tapestries and lavish drapes, the colours, textures, and carefully selected details in each room make staying at Huntington Castle a real treat.
I particularly like to take wedding preparation photographs in these rooms because the rich colours and period details add a distinct flavour and flare to the styling.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Huntington Castle is a venue driven by a sense of family and grounded in hundreds of years of history. It is a warm, friendly, stately, beautiful, unique wedding venue experience worth considering.

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Huntington Castle Wedding

Huntington Castle Wedding

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