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An Unplugged Wedding? – wedding photographer perspective

An Unplugged Wedding?

I have heard a lot of people talking about an “ Unplugged Wedding ”. This is where you invite your guests to put down their phones/cameras/iPads etc and to enjoy your wedding day in a traditional way. Cherishing the memories with their eyes, rather than through the screens of their phones.
Some couples are implementing this for their ceremony and others are asking for the entire celebration to remain unplugged.
As we have all gotten so attached to our devices these days isn’t it a refreshing idea?!

I have heard a lot of photographers supporting the idea of an “ Unplugged Wedding ” for a variety of reasons.

Here Comes the Bride

Capturing the bride walking up the aisle is a very important photograph. It is incredibly hard for the wedding photographer to take this photograph.

There are no second chances! When the wedding guests are leaning out into the aisle to also capture this moment it can cause a lot of problems for the wedding photographer.

Sometimes people just lean their hand into the aisle thinking that this is a happy medium.

Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s the same as leaning into the aisle. Your guest’s hand’s will still obstruct your picture-perfect moment.

Just Married!

Equally, when the married couple are going down the aisle the same issues occur. It would be fantastic if the wedding guests remembered that the wedding photographer will get the best wedding photograph possible of these two moments.

Please leave it to the professional!

Photo Bomb

When guests are moving around taking their own photos they can “photo bomb” the wedding  photographers picture perfect shot by complete accident.

Social Media Faux Pas

I have often seen the bride and groom getting upset when they have seen images taken by their wedding guests going up on social media during their wedding day. I believe that it is the couple’s decision when images should be circulated on social media platforms.

Wouldn’t you rather share a WOW wedding photograph from your big day when you are ready? Rather than an iPhone image that you’re not looking your best in being sent around on Facebook?!

To Unplug or not to Unplug?

I can see both sides of the argument. For me, as a professional wedding photographer, I think that finding a happy medium is the best option.
Your wedding guests will absolutely want to take photographs on your very special day and for the most part wedding guests are very mindful that the professional wedding photographer is there to do his or her job.

For me, I think that unplugging your wedding guests is only important during the ceremony.
The most important point is for guests to remember that capturing the bride coming up the aisle and the married couple going down the aisle are two moments that I have to get right for the couple. I only have one shot to get it picture perfect.

Please don’t lean into the aisle!  Keep your phone in Your pocket … :)

There are some very important moments throughout the ceremony and photos can easily be ruined (completely by accident) by your wedding guests. Some churches are small and have aisles that are very narrow etc.

Wedding guests do not mean to get in the way, but it happens. They could be standing in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. It’s a shame for you to loose a lovely moment because a wedding guest was in the way.

 Unplug or not to Unplug Your Wedding – short video :)

After the ceremony, I know that we can all get along just fine

During the reception, I can have 1000 cameras around me and I can even help people taking photos.

I don’t mind that at all!

I think it adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the day for everyone.

In real life, people are taking photos all the time, so it’s just an idea to have an unplugged wedding ceremony. It has gotten popular so that people can really enjoy the ceremony and are not getting distracted, thinking about capturing photos.

But if the Bride and Groom wanted an Unplugged Wedding or not then it’s their day and their choice. I always respect my client’s wishes. Guests should do the same.

Top Tips for Your Unplugged Wedding

  • If you decide on an Unplugged Wedding you can buy decorative signs which lets your guests know that your wedding day unplugged wedding or mention it in Your invitation or mass booklet.
  • I would also advise that you ask your celebrant or priest to say that the wedding is unplugged before the ceremony.
  • Ask them to explain that it’s not the wedding photographer’s idea or request. That it’s your request.

Wedding guests are happy to follow the rules when they know it’s what the bride and groom wants.

See You soon at Your wedding!


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