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Powerscourt Hotel wedding

Powerscourt Hotel Intimate Wedding

Even though we hate to think of our wedding as a ‘Covid Wedding’, our plans changing so drastically ended up being a huge part of how perfectly our day turned out.

We were originally due to get married in August 2020 in County Meath, but when the pandemic took hold, we changed our date to March 2021 in that same venue.

As the year progressed, however, we realised that the most important thing for us was to be married, and as we had been counting down to the big day for nearly two years, we made the decision to reimagine our day entirely. Thanks to the patience of one of our bridesmaids, Kate, we dreamt up a Christmas wedding in one of the most beautiful hotels in the country, located right on our doorstep in the village where we met.

“…With a ‘micro wedding’ you get the benefit of special moments with the people closest” to you

Powerscourt Hotel intimate wedding

Powerscourt Hotel, wedding photographer and wedding suppliers

Daniel was one of the first wedding photographers we saw and I had my heart set on him, so when he told us he was free on 11th December also, we were overjoyed.

We were blessed with Gina in the Powerscourt Hotel who did everything she possibly could for us, as did all of the staff in the Powerscourt Hotel.

Our celebrant, Shona, gave the most beautiful ceremony which was streamed via ZOOM to one of our groomsmen and his fianceé who couldn’t make it home from Vancouver.

All of our suppliers were exceptional, but Daniel and Ronan were like part of the group by the end of the day, which made everyone even more excited to see the photos and the video after the wedding.

Our photos turned out better than we could ever have imagined, and looking at them is like reliving the day all over again!

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As we have all spent so little time with friends and family since last March, our twenty-five guests felt like a sea of people, and the wedding was packed with laughter and excitement from first thing in the morning to the end of the night.

Some of the guests who couldn’t make it came to my house to see us off into the wedding car, so that way they were still part of the day. You have to be willing to think outside the box and find different ways to incorporate the people you love.

We both still got the mornings we had hoped for with our bridesmaids and groomsmen, and getting ready with the dream glam squad was something I won’t ever forget.

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we let ourselves enjoy every second of it

While our wedding ended up in a different venue, at a different time of year, and really looking nothing like we had originally planned, it exceeded all our expectations and was the best day of both our lives. There were absolutely Covid related stresses and tears when we couldn’t have our evening music and most importantly when some of the people we love most couldn’t share the day, but looking back, we still feel we absolutely made the right choice going ahead when we did.

It all depends on how you see the wedding, and as someone who spent a lot of the planning sweating the small stuff, I am so glad we didn’t on the day and we let ourselves enjoy every second of it.

As this year has started off feeling remarkably similar to last year, we would say to anyone feeling disappointed that they may not get their ‘big’ day, don’t worry because you can still have the perfect day.

With a ‘micro wedding’ you get the benefit of special moments with the people closest to you that you will look back on and treasure forever. In a pandemic or not, that is absolutely priceless

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