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5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen

5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen

Easy to Engrave and Personalize: Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen

Hopefully, in the rush to get everything done, you haven’t forgotten those all-important groomsmen, right?

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Yeah, I get it.  Lost in a world of caterers, flowers, dresses, and venues are the thank-you gifts for those who make the day extra special.

Your day. They didn’t have to, but those guys will make this day smooth. They will walk your mom down the aisle and give a speech that makes your new wife blush. They will be there for you and you will be grateful!

Weddings often call for personalized, engraved and thought-out gifts. The gift becomes a memento of the importance of relationship, friendship, and loyalty. Having his name engraved, along with a message, a nickname, or just his initials, make that thoughtful.

So, if you’re like many of us, this is a point in the planning when much of it is planned, but you may be running short on time. That’s why you’re here–perusing the enormous WEB to find these gifts. . . online? 

Of course, because that’s where you go to get something personalized. Everything is here, so why not?

5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen 1

Docking Station

Steampunk Monogram Docking Station

Clever, modern and stylish, this is a practical gift with a subtle monogram that your groomsmen can keep in their homes and impress visitors with their style.

It’s likely you’ve seen docking stations before, but this steampunk-inspired decor is truly unique and pretty cool. Gear engravings detail a fir-wood docking station, which has a steel bar at the bottom.

These docking stations are great just inside the door of your home, on your office desk or bedside table. It gives you a dedicated slot for watches or bracelets, a keychain notch and a little groove for all the cords you use to keep your electronics charged. 

You can monogram this with a single initial, classy and elegant. 

5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen 2

Toiletry Bag

Personalized 100% Leather Toiletry Bag/Shaving Kit Gift with Box

The travel bag has become a very popular groomsman gift in the last few years–first of all, we’re all getting tired of seeing men show up with all their toiletries in a plastic baggie. Secondly, it’s cool, personal and easy to carry home!

This is a really classy toiletry bag.  It’s made of 100% leather and has a very manly look–you can also personalize with just about anything on the side. Shown here, there’s a simple initial. You can also do a full name, nickname, or even a quote (to make him laugh or cry every time he goes for a shave!)

This comes in a personalized wooden box, just about the most masculine way to wrap a present, so you can leave the bows and glitter at home. 

If you want to go the extra-personalized mile, you could put a few products in the bag that are unique to your groomsmen-a straight razor, your favorite moisturizer-anything that would make it more personal.

5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen 3

Cutting Board

Personalized Olive Wood Cutting Board

You may have seen beautifully engraved cutting boards before, but this unique olive wood board is pretty breathtaking.

Shown here with the rough edge option, this board is also available with a straight (more traditional edge).  It is laser-engraved with initial and name, and each one is unique.

You can use these for cutting, sure, but they are also beautiful vessels to serve everything from charcuterie to sushi. They even serve as a lovely display piece for a table or kitchen.

Reviews of this product include “stunning” and “beautiful,” and everyone is impressed by how truly unique it is.  If you have groomsmen who love to cook or love to entertain, this is a great idea. 

It comes in a few sizes from 8” x  6” to 16” x 7” (about twice the price for the larger one) and the natural patterns that emerge in the olive wood are completely different for each piece–making each board special.

5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen 4

Wooden Watch

Engraved Wooden Watch Chrono Ultra

The engraved wooden watch is a very popular gift lately–very modern and elegant, while also cool and whimsical. This one I find particularly beautiful with the colours on its face and pattern of the band. 

These are made with 100% sustainable wood and stainless steel. You can have the back of the watch face engraved with text–enough to include a sentiment or date as well as a name.

For an extra $15, they will actually hand-write the engraved message in your handwriting. You can upload the exact image of what you’d like to say, and they will laser that into the back of the watch as if the message comes directly from you. It is also important not to forget your wedding gift keepsakes.

They also provide a number of templates, so if you want to include a special groomsman “look” to the watch, or you are not sure what to do you can select one of their templates, easy peasy!

Beer Stein

5 Gifts That Will Please Your Groomsmen 5

Personalized Groomsman Beer Stein with Photo

What could be more personal than your own face looking back at you on your favourite beer stein! This Etsy store, tooned up gifts, has some wonderful creations with cartoon caricatures of your loved ones, and this one of the best ones yet!

There is something so lasting, personal and exciting about our own image on a household item.

These are available in a frosted mug or beer stein, and they are high quality, with beautiful images. You simply upload a photo of your groomsman and the awesome artist draws a picture of them.  They email the proof to you and get your approval before printing on the mug.

You can leave the other side blank, or, like the picture, but their role on the other side. Even better, this company will send you a digital file of the caricature so you or your groomsmen can use it for social media or whatever personal hijinx you choose in the future!!

This store has thousands of five-star reviews from very happy customers on Etsy. Some also got these mugs for their officiants and others involved in their wedding. No question, these gifts will be the talk of your reception.

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