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Wedding photography editing styles Guide

Wedding photography editing styles? Guide

Everything you need to know about wedding photography editing styles

Introduction to editing styles for wedding photography and colours.

Wedding photography captures one of the most significant days in a couple’s life. It’s about preserving memories and creating a timeless and artistic representation of their love story. One key aspect that significantly influences the outcome of these photos is the editing style.

Why you might see me or other photographers and videographers walking around your house when taking photos, turning off yellow lights and trying to utilize as much natural light as possible.

Understanding the different wedding photography editing styles can help couples choose a photographer whose vision aligns with their aesthetic preferences.

This blog post will delve into the various popular editing styles, their characteristics, and how to select the right one for your special day.

Wedding dress is not white? Grooms jacket is not Black? But why?

Why do the colours of wedding photos on my phone look different, or do videos from the videographers have different colours recorded from the same place and time?

The answer is simple – different software, sensors, editing and video processing inside phones, cameras, and video cameras.

Phone cameras record colours in a very different way than professional cameras.

Before I begin, just a few words: What appears white or black in wedding photos might not always be so.

This largely depends on how light hits the wedding dress or the groom’s jacket.

Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 1

Photos will look different on a bright, sunny day or evening than on a wintery, dark, dull, rainy wedding day.

Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 2
Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 3
Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 4

Cameras register colours differently, and various light sources can alter colours—like making your dress appear yellow or the groom’s jacket blue in photos. Wedding photography isn’t like product photography, where we can control the colour of the light on the subject.

This is why you might see me or other photographers and videographers walking around your house when taking photos, turning off yellow lights and trying to utilize as much natural light as possible. I hope this makes sense.

Light in churches, houses, venues, and the weather is the most significant impact on photos.

At my wedding, I asked the Priest to switch off the light in the church as it was bright enough – a lot of natural light :))))

Also, different phones and computer screens display photos differently. I use a fully calibrated FULL-color gamut pro-Eizo screen at work, which shows accurate colours.

However, people viewing the same photos on phones or non-calibrated screens might see them differently. I hope this explanation helps.

Now, let’s talk about editing styles:

1. Traditional or Classic Editing Style

The traditional or classic editing style emphasizes timeless, natural colours and tones. This style steers clear of trendy filters and heavy-handed modifications, aiming to produce clean, crisp images that remain true to the scene’s original colours and lighting. The goal is to create elegant and refined photographs that preserve the moment’s authenticity.


  • True-to-life colours
  • Balanced exposure
  • Soft skin tones
  • Minimalistic approach to retouching

Best for: Couples who appreciate simplicity and elegance and want their wedding photos to look as close to how the day appeared.

2. High-Contrast and Vibrant Editing Style – my editing style!

This style is characterized by deep shadows, bright highlights, and vivid colours. It’s designed to make images pop and stand out, creating a lively and energetic feel.

It’s probably my style, as Photographers who use this style often aim to reflect the joy and vibrancy of the wedding day, making it a favourite for festive, outdoor, or summer weddings.

summer wedding photos Lyrath estate


  • Deep shadows and bright highlights
  • Saturation adjustments to enhance colours
  • The dynamic range that adds depth
  • Emphasis on making details stand out

Best for: Couples who want a bold and dramatic portrayal of their wedding, focusing on vibrant, eye-catching imagery, showing joy and fun using colours, too!

Bridesmaid Dress Colour Palette
Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 5
Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 6
editing style wedding photos
3. Moody and Dark Editing Style

The moody and dark editing style is known for its use of shadow, subdued lighting, and a darker colour palette. This approach often incorporates more artistic interpretations, such as playing with light and shadow to create mood and atmosphere. It’s quite popular in the wedding photography scene for its romantic and intimate vibes.


  • Lower exposure levels
  • Rich black tones and subdued highlights
  • Warm or cool colour shifts
  • Emphasis on emotion and ambience

Best for: Couples who prefer a more dramatic, intimate, and cinematic feel in their wedding photographs.

Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 7
Editing style dark weddings
Wedding photography editing styles? Guide 8
4. Matte Finish Editing Style

With its softer and more organic look, the matte finish style resembles old film photos. This editing style reduces the contrast and adds a layer of softness by lifting the black point and muting the colours slightly. It’s perfect for couples who love a vintage or rustic aesthetic.


  • Softened shadows and highlights
  • Lower contrast and muted colours
  • Grainy texture similar to film photography
  • A dreamy, nostalgic feel

Best for: Couples who adore a vintage charm and want their photos to evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness.

5. Light and Airy Editing Style

Favoured for spring and summer weddings, the light and airy editing style features bright exposure, soft pastel tones, and a clean, minimalist approach. This style aims to produce ethereal and romantic images that feel light and whimsical.


  • High key lighting
  • Soft, pastel colour palette
  • Minimal shadows and subtle details
  • Ethereal and romantic ambiance

Best for: Couples planning an outdoor or daytime wedding who desire a soft, romantic, and elegant look in their photographs.

Looking for a Wedding Photo Album?

Wedding album
Here are some photos edited in different styles:


Choosing the right wedding photography editing style is crucial as it sets the tone for how your memories will be preserved. It’s important to discuss with your photographer what style they specialize in and look at examples of their previous work to ensure they match your vision.

Tips for Couples:

  1. Identify Your Style: Spend time browsing through different photographers’ portfolios to understand what style resonates with you.
  2. Communicate Clearly: Once you’ve chosen a photographer, communicate your preferences and expectations.
  3. Consider Your Wedding Theme: The editing style should complement the overall theme and mood of your wedding.
  4. Look at Full Wedding Albums: Don’t base your decision solely on highlights; ask for an entire wedding album to get a comprehensive view of the photographer’s work.

By understanding the different editing styles in wedding photography, you can better navigate the selection process and find a photographer whose vision aligns with yours.

This will ensure that your wedding photos are everything you’ve dreamed of.

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