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Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day: Real Wedding Experiences!

Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day: Insights from Real Wedding Experiences!

DIANE: I thought that the last thing I should be worried about was the wedding shoes I would wear to my wedding because “Shoes are shoes,” right?!

 How could you go wrong with wedding shoes?! And because most of the time, people won’t even see the bride’s shoes, what difference does it make”, right?! 

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes

Well, apparently, and from my experience as a wedding photographer, wedding shoes are the most important thing a bride should pay attention to.

Let’s look at this this way: your plan was always to get married, just once, right?! 

Wedding Shoes

And the dream you had, ever since you were a little girl, was to have the biggest wedding, with all the people you knew from the day you were born, and the best music, to which your guests would have the greatest time dancing. And don’t get me started with the food, okay?!

…but if there’s one thing most brides-to-be don’t think of, it’s the shoes they’ll wear on their most special day. 

Choosing the right wedding shoes is more than just matching them to your outfit; it’s about ensuring your comfort throughout the day and expressing your style. From years of photographing weddings, I’ve seen that the best shoe choices are the ones that blend functionality with fashion.

And before you start rolling your eyes at me, I know. Ok?!

Comfort is Key! Comfort is Key! Comfort is Key! Comfort is Key!

Comfort is Key: Remember, you’ll be on your feet most of the day—walking down the aisle, posing for photos, dancing, and mingling with guests. Opt for shoes with good support and cushioning. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Instead, look for options that offer both, ensuring you can enjoy your day without foot pain.

Wedding Shoes

I’ve noticed something crucial that often goes overlooked: the comfort of your wedding shoes. Surprisingly, most of your wedding photos won’t feature your Wedding Shoes prominently.

That’s why it’s essential to prioritize comfort over mere aesthetics. Choose shoes that allow you to move, dance freely, and navigate your big day without discomfort.

Opting for comfortable wedding shoes ensures you can fully enjoy each moment of your celebration without the distraction of sore feet. Remember, your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint; comfort in your footwear can make all the difference in enjoying your day to the fullest.

Focusing on comfort, personal expression, and practicality will ensure your wedding shoes look great and help you enjoy every moment of your big day without worry.

Show Your Style: Your wedding shoes are a fantastic way to express your personality and style. Whether you choose sleek designer heels, colourful statement shoes, or custom-painted sneakers, make sure they reflect who you are. They might not always be visible under your gown or suit, but they’ll be noticed as you move around and dance.

Bridesmaids Dresses Colours!

Wedding Converse

Check the Converse Collection Here:

Wedding Converse
Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day: Real Wedding Experiences! 1
Wedding Boots
Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day: Real Wedding Experiences! 2

Prepare for Weather: If there’s a chance of rain on your wedding day, consider the practicality of your shoe choice. Materials like leather or synthetic that can withstand moisture without damage are advisable. Some couples even choose stylish boots for rainy day ceremonies, making for unique and memorable photos.

Can I wear wellies in the rain? Yes, you can!

Wedding shoes Rain
Shoes Wedding Rain Wellies Boots
Wedding Rain Boots
Rain Wedding shoes

I know that the most important thing to a bride because I was one once, is the dress …and the makeup, and the photographer – whom you booked a year in advance because you “want an artist, not just a “camera operator”, who will capture the happiest moments in your life” – and hair, flowers, cake, jewellery, amazing invitations, guest list, and trust a former bride, that’s been there once – the list could go on and on forever, but if you ask me – your main focus should be on the shoes you’re going to wear.

“Magical wedding dress”

Because what’s the point of having a “Magical wedding dress”, the best make-up in the world, and the prettiest hair and the most complimentary jewellery any woman in history ever wore, if you’re in pain, and when your feet are covered in blisters?!

DIANE: What good is a photographer who is first and foremost an artist to you, then, huh?!

Wedding Shoes

To capture your vivid image when you’re hurting like there’s no tomorrow?!

And yeah, I know you could take them off if you wanted to.

But what’s the point if you can hardly walk now?! 

There’s also this “Small” yet kinda important “thing” you should think about or listen to: your groom.

Remember him?

…that will probably tell you that “it doesn’t matter which shoes you’re wearing, as long as you’re comfortable in them”, and I know for a fact you will most likely not listen to this poor man, who will probably spend most of his Honeymoon, rubbing your sore feet with lotion.

 But the bottom line is that you need comfortable shoes, in addition to all those “most important things,” and a supportive husband whom you should listen to if you want to have the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Shoes for Man

Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day: Real Wedding Experiences! 20

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